WOW: Icons on Tour

By Guest Insider – Carolyn Enting (cross-posted from

Big news for WOW (World of WearableArt) today.







As I write this members of the Nelson-based WOW team are flying to Hong Kong where they will audition local performers and dancers for the 2012 WOW Hong Kong Art Festival in January next year.

It will be the first offshore performance for WOW which is also taking New Zealand adult dancers and models, including Wellington model Larissa Lal-Ponini (former Dominion Post Fashion magazine cover girl) to Hong Kong to be in the show.

WOW is currently on tour in New Zealand too, but in a different capacity. Its WOW Icons on Tour exhibition is part of the nationwide REAL New Zealand Festival, with iconic World Of WearableArt garments currently on display in eight regions around New Zealand until October 31.



These eight garments, pictured, can be found at the following venues:

Harakeke by Ruth Carlile at Puke Ariki, New Plymouth.

Ornitho-Maia by Nadine Jaggi (former Massey fashion design student) at Otago Museum.

Huia by Andrea Clinton at Southland Museum.

Into the Blue by Marie Gant Roxburgh at Auckland Museum.

Eos by Claire Prebble at World of WearableArt Museum, Nelson.

Rattle Your Dags by Paula Coulthard and Ursula Dixon at Canterbury Museum.

Blow Me by Wendy Burton and Patrick Duffy at Te Papa, Wellington.

Flora by Jeff Thomson at Rotorua Museum.

Flora by Jeff Thomson

Rattle Your Dags








To find out more about WOW and REAL New Zealand Festival, check out these links: and


About REAL New Zealand Festival

The REAL New Zealand Festival will celebrate all things New Zealand during Rugby World Cup 2011 – from 9 September to 24 October.
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